Are you a mobile user? Do you need to use your computer in more than one network?
Do you have multiple types of Internet connections?
Try IPSwitcher Basic, you can change TCP/IP configuration without rebooting.

Let's suppose that there are several types of network
connections in your office (such as ADSL, leased line for your office applications, modem line for some slow
connections) Depending on your current task, you should use one single connection at the single time. How can you do it?
Try IPSwitcher Pro, you can access simultaneously all
networks without changing TCP/IP configuration.

December 2007, IPSwitcher 2.0 Beta was released.

Here is brief product information. => IPSwitcher 2.0

Version was released January 26, 2010.

Here is latest new version of IPSwitcher: version
IPSwitcher 2.0 Download


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